We offer multi-asset liquidity and deep orders, including Forex, crude oil, commodities, stock index and futures index, precious metals, bonds, stocks, CFD, ETF, etc. Links to the market via FIX, no rejection or re-offer. Provides time-priority execution and full transaction transparency (in line with MiFID-2), with extremely high standards of execution during market data periods.

We also offer competitive spread price and commission with low overnight interest rate to ensure that commodity index etc is not delivered.

Clearing system

Martix liquidation system, with risk control and aggregation ability, can be directly linked to top level liquidity, with complex and dynamic routing rules, multi-level set bidding, diversified API and other excellent features.The hub with Onezero gives customers more diverse choices and enables a seamless transition process.

Matrix Bridge's high availability, scalability, and other superior features allow for rapid deployment and are equally satisfied with broker-dealers or liquidity companies.Matrix Bridge can complete 50,000 order processing per second, and order execution delay can be as low as 3 milliseconds.

Hedge system

Based on our years of experience, we developed a liquidity level hedging system based on the operating characteristics and profit model of small brokers.This system cannot only complete multilateral clearing, realize automation and market price optimization, but also complete the optimal hedging strategy of order based on market quotation. Combined with the hedging risk control analysis function, this system can greatly improve the risk control and profitability of brokers.

Financial analysis

We provide a variety of transaction data analysis reports for customers so that they can quickly and directly understand the details of transactions on the liquidity.We provide complete transaction reconciliation report, liquidation bridge performance report, profit report, sufficient liquidity report export and other functions. Comprehensive financial analysis reports could help customers fully grasp the status of liquidity operations and improve the financial verification ability of enterprises. In addition, the analysis report can also intuitively present the revenue data and risk data, which is conducive to improve customer risk control ability.